What is Internet Banking, its Benefits, Complete Information-

What is Internet Banking, its Benefits, Complete Information – Net banking is the facility which is provided by the bank through internet. With internet banking, you can do all the banking work like checking account balance, paying any kind of bill, viewing account statement, paying college fees, paying bills, recharging or paying for online shopping and there are many other things which can be done through internet banking. Can be done from But keep in mind that do not share the user name and password of net banking with anyone. For net banking, it is necessary to have an account in the bank and a unique login ID and password is given by the bank. Internet banking is not possible without ID and password, as well as complete information about Internet banking is given here.

What is internet banking-

It is possible to do banking from anywhere sitting at home or on the go through internet. It is not necessary to go to the branch of the bank and it is possible to get rid of the set itself by standing in the long line of the banks. Along with this, Internet Banking is also called E-Banking.

How to do internet banking-

Net Banking can be started in two ways-

  • Offline way
  • Online way

Offline way to use internet banking-

  • To apply, first of all, you have to fill a registration application form by going to the bank in which you have an account.
  • After that the bank provides you Id and Password for Internet Banking Login, through which you can login to the bank’s website and use Internet Banking easily.

Online way to use internet banking –

  • If you want to use Internet Banking online, then first of all you have to go to the official website of the bank in which you have an account, after that your necessary information is sought while registering there.
  • After that OTP password will come on your registered mobile which will be your verification.
  • Then after completion of the bank process, you will get Id and Password for Internet Banking Login and then you can use Internet Banking easily.

Advantages of Internet Banking-

  • By using Internet Banking, you can spend your time paying your bills without standing in any line.
  • You can also transfer funds to anyone using internet banking.
  • Internet banking is used in electronic form, due to which you do not have to keep any physical receipt, but you have its Electronic Transaction Receipt.
  • Transaction cost of internet banking is very less or not equal.
  • Internet Banking is one of the very secure ways to access Bank Account.

How to transfer money from internet banking-

After starting Net Banking, know how money can be transferred from Net Banking-

  • First of all, you have to go to your bank’s website and login by entering your Id and Password.
  • On that page you will see many options, you have to click on Payment Transfer. After clicking, you will go to a new page, on which there will be many options, out of which you have to click on Quick Transfer.
  • After clicking, a new page will open in front of you, to whom you want to send money, you will have to enter some information like
  • Beneficiary Name- Account name of the account to which you want to send money
  • Beneficiary Account- Account number of the account in which money is to be transferred
  • Amount- Enter the amount you want to transfer.
  • Purpose- Enter the message for the purpose for which money is being transferred etc.
  • After doing this, tick on Accept The Term And Condition and Ok on Submit.
  • Before submitting, check the account number thoroughly once.
  • If all the information given by you is correct, then go to the Confirm button and click OK.

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