NASCAR Announces Decision On Today's Chicago Street Race

For the first time in decades, NASCAR is holding a street race and the city of Chicago has played host to it. Unfortunately, "the Windy City" soon turned into "the Lightning City" and the race has experienced a major hindrance.

With just 30 laps remaining in today's The Loop 121 on the Chicago Street Course, lightning in the area forced the race into a red flag and a lengthy delay. After about an hour, NASCAR released a statement expressing plans to continue the race.

"UPDATE: We are still under a weather delay and plan to complete the event today. We will provide any updates when available. At this time, please continue to seek appropriate shelter," they said at 7:10 p.m. ET.

However, an hour and a half into the delay, NASCAR released a new statement announcing that the race would be postponed. The race will be finished tomorrow morning at 11 a.m. ET and will air on USA.

The race itself had a few issues as most fans were limited to one small stretch of the track. There were also more than a few turn-based crashes that caused the entire race to slow down while trying to clear stopped cars.

If The Loop 121 was the appetizer, then the Grant Park 220 tomorrow will be the main course. Hopefully that race won't be bothered by the weather either.

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