How to Make a Career in Investment Banking, Complete Information

How to Make a Career in Investment Banking, Complete Information On the basis of government statistics, it is being said that the country’s economy has become stronger than before. This has directly affected many industries here and they are galloping. Out of these, the expansion of Banking Services is also at its peak. For those interested in investment or banking, there are a plethora of opportunities available as an investment banker. If you also want to brighten your career by becoming an investment banker, then this time is favorable for you. This is such an area, in which the knowledge of Logical, Analytical, IT and Maths is useful. Success in this completely rests on hard work.

What is Investment Banking?

Investment banking or investment banking, a special part of the financial sector that helps individuals or organizations to raise capital and provides them with financial advice. Investment banking acts as an intermediary between governments, investors, companies, and other entities, providing advice on the issuance and sale of equity and debt in the capital market.

Work of Investment Banker-

Investment bankers play an important role in any government or private company. They have to work on the maintenance of records, modification, testing, development, company capital, fund, loan, stock etc. related to the financial transactions of the institute. They also have to assist the company’s clients in the process of getting loans and investments.

Investment bankers also outline financial strategy with their banking team and work in coordination with other related teams. They also hold meetings with the clients regarding financial matters or for loan-fund etc.

Course to become an investment banker-

Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Finance is considered as the initial qualification for this profession. Most of the companies select for jobs after master’s degree.

As far as higher degrees are concerned in this profession, MBA, Chartered Accountancy, Cost and Management Accountancy, Company Secretary, CFA etc. degrees are preferred.

Along with this, Master in International Business (MIB) and many types of PG Diploma courses fit according to this profession. There are many courses in portfolio management that suit the students.

Course to Become an investment banker-

Some of the major courses to become an investment banker are:-

  • MBA in Investment Banking.
  • BA in Finance and Investment Banking.
  • PG Diploma in Banking & Finance.
  • PG Diploma in Global Investment.
  • Diploma in Investment Banking and Equity Research.
  • UG Programs in Portfolio Management and Investment Banking etc.

Investment Banker Job Skills-

It should also have many additional qualities inside the professionals. This work is related to statistics and calculations. In such a situation, a good knowledge of mathematics and the skill of calculation comes in handy at every step.

Apart from this, the skills related to working better under pressure, effective communication skills, excellence in financial skills and identifying new opportunities come into play step by step. Professionals also have to work hard in this. With all this, there is a great need to understand this area very well.

Challenges of Investment Banker Sector-

There are challenges at every step in the work of investment bankers. They have to do valuation analysis using various methods and methods. Developing a financial model, preparing a presentation for a client meeting, understanding the capital structure, etc. is not an easy task for any professional. The threat of breaking or failing of any deal always hangs over their heads.

Investment bankers take a look at the industry

With the strengthening of the economy, the employment of investment bankers is also increasing rapidly. The trend of taking the opinion of an expert before investing has also increased among people.

According to a report by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there has been a 10 percent increase in the employment of investment bankers.

This growth will continue till 2024. According to a report by the National Skill Development Corporation, the banking sector is growing at the rate of 25 percent and by 2021-22, about seven lakh new jobs will be created.

Employment and prospects in the field of investment banking-

Commercial banks have carved a niche for themselves as the largest employer of investment banking. Investment bankers are recruited on a large scale in trading firms, capital markets, lending companies, etc. In this, professionals also speed up their work as portfolio managers and financials. All firms also need people who can analyze their financial planning, expenses, projection planning and asset planning. They are also prominently placed in industries like healthcare, technology and energy.

Multinational companies are looking for investment bankers these days. If professionals do not want to work in association with any company or firm, then they can serve independently as consultants. The trend of going abroad to work has also increased rapidly in the last few years.

Salary Package- How to Make a Career in Investment Banking

Salary of investment banker In the initial phase, professionals get around 30-40 thousand rupees every month. After 3-4 years of experience, this amount increases to 50-60 thousand rupees per month. It can be more in multinational companies. Many professionals are earning up to one lakh rupees every month due to their ability.

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