How to Become an Automobile Engineer, Complete Information

How to Become an Automobile Engineer, Complete Information —  Automobile engineering is a branch of vehicle engineering, under which the design of all vehicles such as motorcycles, buses, trucks, tractors, etc., as well as the things associated with it, are made. There is also a great need for mechanical electric software and safety engineering for engineering because the work of all these also goes inside automobile engineering. Automobile engineers manufacture all the parts of vehicles, as well as a study has to be done to prepare a vehicle completely and make changes. Complete information about automobile engineering has been given.

Automobile Engineer Qualification-

  • To make a career, first one has to do a diploma in automobile engineering.
  • After that you have to complete graduation degree.
  • After getting the graduation degree (B.E. / B.Tech), you can work as an automobile engineer anywhere.

Automobile Engineer Course Details-

BE Automobile Engineering,
B.Tech Automobile Engineering,
Diploma in Automobile Engineering,
PG Diploma in Automobile Engineering,
Certificate Programs in Automobile Engineering etc.

Types of Automobile Engineer-

Types of Automobile Engineer are like-

  • Development engineer
  • Construction engineer
  • Product and Design Engineer

Development Engineer – All the parts of the vehicle are made after the design is ready.

Manufacturing Engineer- Development Engineers make a complete vehicle by assembling the parts of any vehicle.

Product and Design Engineer- The work of Product and Design Engineer is only to prepare the design of the vehicle and on the basis of that design make for the vehicle.

Automobile Engineer Career and Prospects-

  • After becoming an automobile engineer, there are many job options in front of you because a lot of vehicles have to be manufactured under automobile engineering.
  • That is why in today’s time all the vehicles you see, the need of Automobile Engineer is very high in all those companies.
  • There is no dearth of jobs for Automobile Engineer, it is very important to have a good skill to work in you.

Functions of Automobile Engineer-

  • Automobile Mechanic
  • Alignment And Brakes Technician
  • Apprentice Motor Vehicle Mechanic
  • Apprentice Repairer, Truck Trailers
  • Apprentice Mechanic, Automotive Radiators
  • Motor Repairer – Motor Vehicle Manufacturing
  • Motor Repairman – Motor Vehicle Manufacturing
  • Motor Vehicle Diesel Engine Mechanic
  • Motor Vehicle Fuel Conversion Technician
  • Motor Vehicle Fuel-Systems And Electric
  • Motor Vehicle Mechanic
  • Motor Vehicle Mechanical Repairer

Salary – How to Become an Automobile Engineer

  • The salary of a diploma holder in Automobile Engineer ranges from around ₹ 10000 to ₹ 15000.
  • If you become an Automobile Engineer after the degree, then your salary will be approximately between ₹ 15000 to ₹ 25000, as well as your salary will increase as you get work experience.
  • The salary of a good Automobile Engineer can be around ₹ 35000 to ₹ 40000 per month.

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